CyberBOS Standard Edition contains everything you need to get started managing your store. Features include:

  • Full inventory tracking with Barcode scanning
  • Customer tracking (including Accounts Receivable management)
  • Full Point of Sale with Loyalty Card, Credit Card, and Gift Card integration
  • Integration abilities with all of the major distributors in the United States (including True Value, Orgill, Blish-Mize, Do It Best, etc.)
  • Automated off-site backups

Using the latest POS peripherals available on the market, this is a system that cannot be beat.




CyberBOS Professional Edition contains everything the Standard Edition includes, plus:

  • More robust SQL back-end database for greater performance, reliability, and scalability
  • e-mail invoices and statement to customers from within CyberBOS
  • Allows multi-store implementations
  • Supports integration with 3rd party Accounts Receivable parties (Blue Tarp, etc)
  • Additional peripheral support

Dollar-for-dollar, this is the best-featured Point of Sale system you will find.