“We knew that in order to grow, we had to have an integrated system that would allow us to tie all of our lumberyards together. We looked for over a year for the right software to meet our needs, and after evaluating all the qualified companies that could handle multiple locations, CyberBOS lead the pack hands down in all the areas that were important to us. Price, Service, Platform, Inventory Control, and Accounting.”

Arthur Mize, General Manager Associated Lumber, Carbondale, IL

“I really think CyberBOS is on the cutting edge of our industry. Your system will be the one that sets the standards for all other lumberyard software companies in the future.”

John Ambrose, General Manager CMI Lumber Kansas City, MO

“I can’t believe how simple this system is, we really love it. It is so much better than our old system we were running on.”

Kris, Office Manager Sydney Woodworker and Lumber Sydney, MT

“We just couldn’t find the value in the high support fees we were paying Triad. It wasn’t until we heard about CyberBOS, did we know there was a good alternative. It truely has been the best investment our company has ever made.”

Larry James, CEO President James Equipment and Supply Sikeston, MO

“I found it to be the most versatile software I could find. For the price, you can’t beat it.”

Richard Blank, Owner Operator Arms and Amo Ash Grove, MO